Key Office Bearers

COUNCIL FOR 2017-2018

President Dr. Jagdish Prasad
Vice Presidents Dr. T. K. Sen
Dr. S. Thayalan
Honorary Secretary Dr. M.S.S. Nagaraju
Joint Secretaries Dr. K. Karthikeyan
Dr. Pravin H. Vaidya
Treasurer Dr. T. N. Hajare
Dr. Ashok Kumar Singh, Dr. Sanjay Arora (Northern Zone)
Dr. N.M. Konde, Dr. Rajiv A. Marathe (Central Zone)
Dr. K.S. Anil Kumar, Dr. M.V.S. Naidu (Southern Zone)
Dr. R.L. Ram, Dr. Rabindra Kumar Nayak (Eastern Zone)
Dr. Omprakash Aishwath, Dr. Mahesh Kumar (Western Zone)
Members (Past President:  Ex-officio)
Dr. A.R. Kalbande, Dr. M. Velayutham, 
Dr. K.S. Gajbhiye, Dr. R.K. Saxena,
Dr. S.B. Deshpande, Dr. A.K. Maji, Dr. Dipak Sarkar, Dr. Arun Chaturvedi
Editorial Board
Chief Editor Dr. N.G. Patil
Associate Editor Dr. Pramod Tiwari
Members Dr. Rajeev Srivastava
Dr. B.D. Bhakre
Dr. P.R. Kadu
Dr. S.K. Ray
Dr. Satish K. Singh
Dr. M.V. Venugopalan
Dr. G.P. Obi Reddy
International Consulting
Prof Rodelio Carating (Philippines)
Dr. Pham Quang Ha (Vietnam)
Dr. Arrouays Dominique (France)
Nicostrato D. Perez (Washington DC)


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