Volume 9, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Characterization and classification of soils of granitic terrain in Jabalpur district of Madhya Pradesh
    G.P. Gupta, B.R. Tembhare and S.R. Mishra
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  • Forms of iron and weathering index of some typical pedons of Bundelkhand region in relation to physiography and parent material
    C.S. Walia and Y.S.Rao
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  • Characterization and classification of some soils of Arunachal Pradesh 
    Sujata Poddar, R.A. Karmakar and H.P. Barthakur
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  • Sand and silt mineralogy of some alluvium derived paddy and non-paddy soils of Assam
    J.K. Dey
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  • Sulphur distribution in some soil series of Nagaland
    S.P. Singh, Jagat Ram and Nanak Singh
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  • Water retention characteristics of some sedentary and alluvial soils of Bundelkhand region
    C.S. Walia, Y.S. Rao and S. V Bobade
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  • Influence of plantation crops on characteristics of soils (Typic Dystrochrepts) of Brahmaputra alluvium
    H.K. Dutta, R.M. Karmakar and Somiran Dutta
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  • Comparison of soil boron critical levels established by graphical and statistical approach in Cauliflower (Brassica Olercicea)
    G U. Malewar, S.L. Waikar and M.B. Siddiqui
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  • Application of geographic information system in soil productivity assessment and mapping
    Suresh Kumar and D. Mitra
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  • Organic carbon stock in soils of Patiala district of the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plain
    R.K. Saxena, K.S. Verma and V.K. Kharche
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