Volume 8, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Properties of Vertisols of middle and lower Nannada Valley in Central Peninsular India
    D.S Thakur, D.P. Mahere, G.P. Gupta and P.N. Bapat
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  • Seasonal thermal status and heat flow in upland surface soils of Tripura
    B.K. Bhattacharyya and M. Datta
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  • Influence of FYM and gypsum on soil properties and yield of groundnut grown in Vertisols
    Syed Ismail, G. U. Malewar, V.S Rege and N. V. Yelvikdr
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  • Phosphate sorption-desorption characteristics of some ferruginous soils (Alfisols) of eastern India
    A.K. Dolui and M. Dasgupta
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  • The effect of continuous use of animal manure with rock phosphate on plant nutrient status of a Typic Hapludalf
    S.K. Subehia
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  • Forms of Potassium in some soils of Arunachal Pradesh
    S.P. Singh, Jagat Ram, Nanak Singh and A.K. Haldar
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  • Prediction of plant available potassium in kaolinitic soils of India
    S.K. Pal
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  • A remote sensing approach in appraisal of soils for sustainable land use plan - A case study in semi-arid region
    Suresh Kumar, V.S Arya, C. Subrahmanyam Jitendra Prasad and L.M. Pande
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  • Efficacy of various extractants in S fractionation in acid soils of Himachal Pradesh
    Rakesh K. Sharma, R. C. Jaggi and Y. P. Dubey
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  • Response of groundnut to phosphatic fertilizers with ferrous sulphate in calcareous soils
    P.S Lokhande, D.K. Borkar, w.P. Badole. SS Balpande and P.N. Dawane
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