Volume 9, No. 1
Research Papers
  • Genesis and classification of ferruginous soils in Western Ghat and Coastal region of North Karnataka
    P.L. Patil and G.S. Dasog
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  • Characterisation and classification of some soils of Ladakh region for land use
    C.S. Walia, K.P.C. Rana, G.S. Sidhu, S.K. Mahapatra and Tarsem Lal
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  • Soil degradation assessment through remote sensing and its impact on fertility status of soils of western Rajasthan
    Pramila Raina
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  • Characterization and classification of some cultivated soils of Ramganga Catchment in the hills of Uttar Pradesh
    H.N. Singh. A.K. Sharma and Om Prakash
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  • Nature and relative abundance of smectite in clays of Vertisols derived from different parent materials
    J.Y.L.N. Murthy, S.C Datta, T.G. Sastry, R.K. Rattan
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  • Soil survey interpretation for land use planning in the Theries (red sand dunes) of coastal Tamil Nadu
    D. Jawahar, A. Chandrasekaran and G. Arunachalam
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  • Soil suitability of reclaimed salt affected soil for wheat
    R.C Sharma
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  • Assessment of quality of growing period in arid and semiarid ecosystems for crop production
    O. Challa, R.S. Reddy and C.R. Shivaprasad
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  • Physical and chemical properties of Koradi fly ash of Maharashtra for its utilization in agriculture
    P.N.Dubey, S.P.Sangal, T.K.Sen, S.Chatterji, S.Murali and V.P.Patil
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