Volume 8, No. 1
Research Papers
  • A hypothesis on the formation of Lakshadweep islands from pedogenetic standpoint
    S. Vadivelu
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  • Use of various equations for modelling pF curve of soils of Jian, Muzaffarpur in Bihar
    J.P. Singh, A. P. Rakesh, V. K. Mishra and B. K. Sinha
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  • Water retention characteristics of some swell-shrink soils of Chandrapur district of Maharashtra
    Rajeev Srivastava, S T. Gaikawad and Jagat Ram
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  • Effect of leaf mulches on soil moisture conservation, growth and 19 yield of blackgram in upland soils of Tripura
    B. K. Bhatlachmya, M. Datta and S Mitra
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  • Evaluation of specifications for graded bunds and suitable intra-terrace 25 measures in the deep black soils of semi-arid region of South India
    M. S Rama Mohan Rao, S. K. Nalatwadmath, A. Raizada, R. N. Adhikari and S L. Patil
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  • Evaluation of various crop canopies for water erosion resistance 
    B. N. Sagare. S. M. Bhoyar and S. S. Rewatkar
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  • Macro and micro nutrient status of some salt affected Vertisols of Upper Krishna Command (Karataka)
    A. N. Yeresheemi, H. T. Channal, M. S Patagundi and T. Satyanarayana
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  • Phosphate rock dissolution and P uptake by Soybean (Glycine max) 
    G. H. Tharamani, L. Susheela Devi and C. A. Srinivasamurthy
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  • Soils of Tripura. I - Characterisation and classification 
    T. Bhattacharyya, D. Sarkar. S.K. Gangopadhyay.
    P.N. Dubey. U.Baruah. G.SChamuah, S.Mukhopadhyay, D.C.Nayak, A.K. Maji. R.K. Saxena. A.K.Barthwal, N.D.R.Krishna. C.Mandal. J.Sehgal, K. R. Bhowmick, K. Sinha. R. Chakrabarty. S. Nandi Majumdar, P. K.Pal. A. K.Kris/lllakumar and M. R. Sethuraj

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  • Soils of Tripura. II - Suitability for Rubber 
    T. Bhattacharyya, D. Sarkar. S.K. Gangopadhyay, P.N. Dubey, U.Baruah, G.S.Chamuah, SMukhopadhyay. D.C.Nayak, A.K. Maji. R.K. Saxena, A.K.Barthwal, N.D.R. Krishna. C.Mandal, J.Sehgal, K. R. Bhowmick, K. Sinha, R. Chakrabarty. S. Nalldi Majumdar, P. K.Pal,
    A. K.Krishnakumar and M. R. Sethuraj

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