Volume 12, No. 1

Research Papers
  • Characterization and classification of the soils of Central Research Station, Bhubaneswar
    R. K. Nayak, G. C. Sahu. and S. S. K. Nanda
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  • Characterization of soil moisture storage and release in soils of Indira Gandhi Canal Command in Rajasthan
    G. P. Bhargava
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  • Impact of salinity protection by barrage on the acidity characteristics of an acid sulphate soil of Kerala
    K. C. Manorama Thampatti and A. I. Jose
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  • Mapping available potassium in the soils of Assam
    S. Vadivelu, T K. Sen, B. P. BhaskaJ; .fiji Tampi, U. Baruch and J. P. Mishra
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  • Prioritisation and management needs of KawaI Khad Watershed based on sediment yield index in southern Himachal Pradesh using remotely sensed data and GIS techniques 
    J. C. Sharma, Jitendra Prasad, A. R. Bhandari, Karan Singh and Kulwant Rai Sharma
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  • Status of available Co, Zn, Cu, Mn and Fe in some soils of plateau region of Jharkhand 
    Binod Kumar, N. K. Prasad, R. N. Singh, and A. K. Sarkar
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  • Arsenic content in irrigation water and impact on soils of the Indo-Gangetic Plain of West Bengal
    Amiya Kumar Ghosh, Dipak Sarkar, S. K. Sanyal and D. C. Nayak
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  • Effect of available S, N, P and soil characteristics on yield and S response in raya (Brassica juncea)
    R. C. Jaggi and Rakesh K. Sharma
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  • Spatial variability of organic carbon of a tea estate in Jorhat district of upper Assam
    A. S. N. Zaman and D. K. Patgiri
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  • Different forms of sulphur in relation to soil properties in some Alfisols and Inceptisols of Birbhum district of West Bengal
    P. K. Bandyopadhyay and G. N. Chattopadhyay
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