Volume 11, No. 1
Research Papers
  • Land capabilily assessment for land use planning using remote sensing and GIS
    N.R. Patel. Jitendra Prasad and Suresh Kumar
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  • Spatial variability of nitrogen fractions in parts of the Indo-Gangetic alluvial plains 
    M. S. Grewal, R. S. Raman, I. S. Dahiya and M. S. Kuhad
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  • Effect of moisture stress on biomass yield of soybean (Glycine max) in Nagpur district, Maharashtra
    TN. Hajare, D.K. Mandai, Jagdish Prasad and VP Patil
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  • Soils of Haldi Ghati region of Rajasthan and their suitability for different land uses 
    R. K. Sharma, B. N. Swami, J. D. Giri, S. K. Singh and R. L. Shyampura
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  • Soil toposequence relationship and classification in lower outlier of Chhotanagpur plateau
    Dipak Sarkar, S. K. Gangopadhyay and M. Velayutham
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  • Pedogenic characterization and productivity of some lateritic soils developed on different geomorphic conditions
    Suresh Kumar, L.M. Pande and N. R. Patel
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  • Soil erodibility of Jorhat and Sibsagar districts of Assam
    T K. Sen, S. Murali. P N. Dubey and M. Velayutham
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  • Chemical changes in original and reclaimed sodicsoils of NW India in recent years 53
    G. P Bhargava
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  • Effect of different amendments on the properties of so die Vertisols and yield of sorghum in the Puma Valley, Maharashtra
    B. N. Sagare, V P Bahhulkar and P H. Vaidya
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  • Critical limits of zine in soil and plant for rice grown in eastern Maharashtra
    W P Badole, A. H. Narkhede and P S. Naphade
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