Volume 23, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Characterization of major cashew-growing soils of Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka
    R. Srinivasan, A. Natarajan, K.S. Anil Kumar
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  • Influence of landscape on soil properties in upper Gangetic plain of Uttar Pradesh
    T.P. Verma, S.P. Singh, Ram Gopal, Rameshwar Singh, R.P. Dhankar and T. Lal
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  • Characterization and evaluation of soils of Itagi watershed using remote sensing and GIS techniques
    K.V. Niranjana, G. Chandrakantha, L.G.K. Naidu and Dipak Sarkar
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  • Delineation of Agro Ecological Zones of Tamil Nadu 
    L.G.K. Naidu, V. Ramamurthy, S. Srinivas, A. Natarajan and S. Thayalan
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  • Distribution and forms of phosphorus in some red soils of Chotanagpur plateau, West Bengal
    Dipak Sarkar, Debashis Mandal and Abhijit Haldar
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  • Effect of di-ammonium phosphate and rockphosphate enriched biogas slurry on yield and uptake of phosphorus by mustard
    M. Vassanda Coumar, K.Karthikeyan and Satyanarayana Talatam
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  • Effect of fertigation on yield, quality, nutrient uptake, fertilizer and water use efficiency in cabbage (Brassica oleracea) 
    D. Vasu and M.S. Reddy
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  • Micronutrient mapping in soils of Wardha district, Maharashtra
    R.N. Katkar, S.R. Lakhe, V.K. Kharche, G.S.Laharia, S.G.Sadavarte, R.D. Chaudhari and G.P. Obi Reddy
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  • Characterization and classification of Alfisols under lesser Himalayan temperate region 
    N.A. Kirmani, Mushtaq A. Wani and J.A. Sofi
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  • Studies on the nitrogen dynamics in soil and its requirement for paddy under INM system 
    Sisir Kumar SI
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