Volume 21, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Forest soils of Upper Brahmaputra valley of Assam - their characteristics and classification
    S. K. Gangopadhyay, Utpal Baruah and Dipak Sarkar
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  • Land Evaluation of Bhanapur micro-watershed in Northern Dry Zone of Karnataka
    P L Patil, L Vinay and G S. Dasog
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  • Evaluation of soil productivity potentials and land capability classification of Mandlt watershed in North-West Himalayas
    Gayatri Verma and V. K. Sharma
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  • Effects of in-situ moisture conservation, seed soaking and fertilizer management on productivity of wheat in Himachal Pradesh 
    Sanjeev K. Sandal, Pradeep K. Sharma and Lav Bhushan
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  • Sulphur fractions and their relations/lips with soil properties in Banaskantha district, Gujarat 35-41
    J. M Patel, M V. Patel, N J. Jadav and V. R. Patel
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  • Influence of soil water conservation practices on productivity and quality of hrinjal 42-51
    I. S. Singh, 0. P Awasthi, R Bfzargava and S. R. Meena
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  • Clay mineralogy of soils developedfrom granite-gneiss and alluvium in the
    Vadamalapeta mandai of Chitto or district, Andhra Pradesh

    Y. S. Satish Kumar and M V. S. Naidu
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  • Effect of different soil and water conservation measures on runoff, soil and nutrient losses under soybean in an Inceptisol
    Shraddha V. Wable, V. V. Gabhane, B. D. Bhakare and G. C. Deore
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  • Available micronutrient in Aravalli landscape of Banswara district, Rajasthan
    R H Meena, J. D. Girl, S. R. Chaudhary and G. L Meena
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