Volume 10, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Use of land evaluation techniques to assess the market value of agricultural land
    Willy H Verheye
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  • Characteristics and erodibility of some degraded soils of the hill region of Uttar Pradesh
    HN Singh and Om Prakash
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  • Characterization of acid saline rice based wetland ecosystems of Kuttanad, 108 Kerala, and their salinity protection by Thanneermukkom regulator
    K C Manorama Thampatti and AJ Jose
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  • Geoinformatics for ecological-economic zoning towards land use planning in Yerrakalava Catchment, Andhra Pradesh
    ND,R, Krishna, Y.V.N Krishna Murthy, B,S.P Rao and C V. Srinivas
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  • Distribution of organic carbon and nitrogen in some Tarai soils of West Bengal
    A. K Saha, N Saha and S.K Pal
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  • Characterization of some surface soils of Bihar
    S.N Prasad and R.C Singh
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  • Boron status in some soils of lower Tista catchment of West Bengal
    S. K Bhattacharyya, Parthasarathi Bhattacharl'ya and T H Das
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  • Characterization and classification of some salt-affected soils of Bhal Region of Gujarat
    A. K Nayak, C. Cururaja Rao, Anil R.Chinchmalatpure and Ravender Singh
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  • Characterization and classification of sodic soils of the Gangetic alluvial plains at Banthra, Lucknow
    V.K. Carg, PK. Singh and Alok Mathur
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  • Characterization and classification of orange growing soils in Nagpur district of Maharashtra and the effect of soil parameters on crop performance
    D.S. Mohekar and O. Challa
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  • Modelling pF curve of clay, clay loam and silt loam soils under different quality waters
    S.K. Chaudhari and R.B. Somawanshi
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  • Evaluation of sediment stratification and classification of alkali soils in the Chitravathi River Basin, Andhra Pradesh
    B.P Bhaskar, R.S. Reddy, SL Budihal, O. Challa, S.C. Anantwar, R.A. Nasre, Arti Koyal, K.S. Cajbhiye and M. Velayutham
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