Volume 19, No. 1
Research Papers
  • Characterization of soils of Kymore plateau and Satpura hills, Madhya Pradesh
    P.N. Tripathi. S. D. Sawarkar and D. P. Dubey
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  • Characteristics of coffee-growing soils and their organic carbon stocks in Karnataka state
    Shalima Devi G. M. and K. S. Anil Kumar
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  • Characterization, evaluation and management of Salai watershed in Nagpur district of Maharashtra using remote sensing and GIS techniques
    D. Y. Kashiwar. M.S.S. Nagaraju, Rajeev Srivastava, Jagdish Prasad, V. Ramamurthy and A.K. Bartlzwal
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  • Characterization of irrigated soils in Upper Wardha command area of Maharashtra
    P. R. Kadu, S. R. Kanaskar and S. S. Baipande
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  • Identification and delineation of suitable areas for mango, banana, citrus and cashew crops ill Andhra Pradesh
    LG.K. Naidu, S. Srinivas. G. Subbi reddy, S. C. Ramesh Kumar and R. S. Reddy
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  • Crop suitability for Char areas of Nalbari District, Assam
    M. C. Talukdar, G. Goswami Kandali, A. Basumatary and A. K. Das
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  • Development and evaluation of pedotransfer functions for saturated hydraulic conductivity of sea.wnally impounded clay soils
    N. G. Patil, G. S. Rajput, R. B. Singh and S. R. Singh
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  • Modeling soybean yield in different types of soils of Udaipur district, Rajasthan - A case study
    Aditya Kumar Singh, R. S. Singh and S.P.S. Tanwar
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  • Cation exchange capacity determination of soils wilhmethyiene blue exchange
    Dipak Sarkar and Abhijit Haldar
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  • Different forms of sulphur in soils of Udham Singh Nagar district, Uttarakhand and their relationship wilh soil properties
    S. P. Singh, Room Singh, P. C. Srivastava and Pankaj Singh
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