Volume 18, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Characterization and classification of salt affected soils of Samni Farm, Bharuch district, Gujarat
    Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, M. K. Khandelwal and G. Gururaja Rao
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  • Characteristics and reclaimability of sodic soils in the alluvial plain of Etah district, Uttar Pradesh
    R. C. Sharma. R. K. Saxena, K. S. Verma and A. K. Mandai
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  • Soil suitability evaluation of turmeric in Wardha district of Maharashtra
    D. K. Mandai, S. Khule, C. Mandai, Sohan Lal, T. N. Hajare and Jagadsh Prasad
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  • Rejuvenation of abandonedjhum land in the hill region of Karbi Anglong district in Assam
    K. Dey and N. Kalita
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  • Distribution of potassium and clay minerals assemblage in some paddy soils of Lessar Himalayas
    Mushtaq A. Wani and Raj Kumar
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  • Soil moisture and optimum nitrogen requirement for sustainable productivity of sorghum grown in Vertisols of Solapur district, Maharashtra
    G. R. Maruti Sankar, A. L. Pharande, A. N. Deshpande, U. S. Victor, G.Ravindra Chaty,K.P.R. Vittal and Y.S.Ramakrishna
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  • Erodibility assessment of rubber-growing soils of Kerala, India
    G. C. Satisha, A. Ulaganathan, M. Karthikakutty Amma and A.N. S. Nair
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  • Measuring salinity with WET Sensor and characterization of salt affected Soils
    Suresh Kumar, Gopal Krishan and S. K. Saha
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  • Characterization and classification of coastal saline soils of Paradip, Orissa
    D. R. Chaudhary, Arup Ghosh and Grish N. Boricha
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