Volume 16, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Spatial variability analysis of some soil properties in the irrigation block of Sardar Sarovar canal command of Gujarat
    Anil R. Chinchmalatpure, A.K. Nayak, G. Gururaja Rao, M.K. Khandelwal, H.Y. Munshi and NK. Tyagi
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  • Mapping of soil salinity and sodicity using digital image analysis and GIS in irrigated lands of the Indo-Gangetic Plain
    R.C. Sharma and A.K. Mondal
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  • Pedogenic distribution of iron and manganese in some Vertisols of Rajasthan
    R.S. Singh, S.K. Singh, P.N Dubey and R.L. Shyampura
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  • Potassium bearing minerals in some soils of semi-arid (Haryana) and humid (Assam) regions of India
    S. Dutta and A. V. Shanwal
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  • Transformation of different forms of sulphur in an Alfisol under laboratory and field conditions with maize (Zea mays L.)
    B.C. Dhanajaya and B. Basavaraj
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  • Land suitability for grape cultivation and its economic evaluation in Rajanukunte watershed, Karnataka
    S.C. Ramesh Kumar, S. Vadivelu, R.S. Reddy, L.G.K. Naidu, Rajendra Hegde and S. Srinivas
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  • Development of land quality indices from edaphological data - a case study in shrink-swell soils of central India
    D.K. Mandal, C. Mandal, O. Challa and Jagdish Prasad
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  • Influence of mulch on soil hydrothermal regimes, leaf and soil nutrient concentrations, growth and fruit yield of brinjal grown under arid ecosystem
    I.S. Singh, O.P. Awasthi and S.R. Meena
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  • Optimisation of nutrient application for yield maximisation of rice under submerged soil condition in Patna district of Bihar
    B. Saha, L.K. Prasad, A. Haris and R.K. Batta
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  • Response of rice to applied P in soils of Pahargaon series in Andaman and Nicobar Islands
    A.N Ganeshamurthy, Ganauri Singh, A.K. Nair, R. Dinesh and NR. Avisankar
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  • Characterization of some salt-affected soils of Amethi, Uttar Pradesh
    D.R. Chaudhary, Arup Ghosh, M.K. Sharma and J. Chikara
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