Volume 16, No. 1
Research Papers
  • Methodology for correlation of soil series in soil survey and mapping
    R.S. Reddy
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  • Pedogenetic processes in a shrink-swell soil of Central India
    D.K. Pal, T. Bhattacharyya, P. Chandran, S.K. Ray, P.L.A. Satyavathi, P. Raja, U.K. Maurya and M. V. Paranjape
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  • Characterisation of acidity under different land use patterns in Tarai soils of West Bengal
    G.K. Mondal, S.K. Pal and A. Roy
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  • Vertical distribution and dynamics of iron, manganese and aluminium in rice soils of Kuttanad, Kerala
    K.C. Manorama Thampatti and A.I, Jose
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  • Influence of calcium on distribution of different forms of iron in Vertisols
    Reshmi Sarkar, B. Basavaraj and Sandipta Kar
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  • Changes in DTPA-extractable micronutrients under long term differential fertilization at various growth stages of wheat
    R.K. Setia, K.N. Sharma and Dinesh Kumar
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  • Need for refinement of agro-technologies in NARP zones - a case study of Karnataka
    L.G.K. Naidu and S. Srinivas
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  • Effect of phosphates on yield and nutrient uptake in paddy
    G. Kishore Babu and B. V. Seshaiah
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  • Effect of phosphorus levels on phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium content and seed yield of safflower genotypes
    I. Y.L.N. Murthy
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  • Distribution of molybdenum and boron in some soils of northern alluvial plain of UP and Uttaranchal in relation to soil characteristics
    Peeyush Mishra, S.K. Singh, P.e. Srivastava and Sobaran Singh
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