Volume 15, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Characterization and classification of some rice growing soils of Palam valley of Himachal Pradesh
    Pardeep Kumar and T.S. Verma
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  • Characterization and classification of some forest soils of north Karnataka
    M. Shamsudheen, G.S. Dasog and P.L. Patil
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  • Available boron content in some benchmark soils of Punjab under different moisture regimes in relation to soil characteristics
    San jay Arora and D.S. Chahal
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  • Zinc availability in an acid Alfisol as influenced by long term cropping in a wet temperate 95 zone of western Himalayas
    Sudhir Verma and S.K. Subehia
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  • Effect of organic manure, phosphorus and gypsum on nutrient uptake in groundnut
    S.S. Rao and M.S. Shaktawat
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  • Nutrient content in garlic (Allium sativum) as indices of yield and yield attributes
    R.C. Jaggi and S.K. Raina
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  • Critical limits of sulphur in relation to the growth and development of mustard in acid soils of Manipur
    Herojit Singh Athokpami, R.K. Kumarjit Singh, Nandini Chongthami and A. Ibopishak Singh
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  • Sulphur and potassium fractions in two soils from different elevations of Kanpur region
    Ch. Srinivasarao, A.N. Ganeshamurthy, R.N. Singh and Masood Ali
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  • Distribution of micronutrient cations in some soils of Kumaon region of Uttaranchal
    Shiveshwar Pratap Singh, R.A. Gupta and H.N. Singh
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  • Influence of organic farming system on soil properties - a case study
    Suryakant K. Mekhale, S. Chatterji, M. V. Venugopalan, T.K. Sen, P. Tiwary and O. Challa
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