Volume 14, No. 2
Research Papers
  • Spatial variability in chemical properties of red soils, Coimbatore district, Tamil Nadu
    V. Arunkumar, S. Natrajan and R. Sivasamy
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  • Influence of canal irrigation on groundwater fluctuation and soil properties in Jayakwadi command of Mabarashtra
    MD. Babar and R. D. Kaplay
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  • Solubility of diammonium phosphate as influenced by coatings of rosin in some soils of Rajasthan
    S. C. Meena, B. N. Swami, B. N. Vyas and V. K. Saini
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  • Influence of integrated nutrient management on properties of a Mollisol under okra-pea-tomato cropping sequence
    T. R. Singh, S. Singh. S. K. Singh and M. P. Singh
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  • Effect of lignite humic acid on available S and its uptake in turmeric
    K. Baskar and K. Sankaran
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  • Integrated land resources appraisal of rainfed chickpea productivity in sub-humid and semi-arid agro-eco-subregions
    G. R. Maurthi Sankar, K. S. Gajbhiye, G. P. Gupta, l. P. S. Yadav, P. S. Dharmaraj, V. N. A utkar, C. R. Thyagaraju, V. Ramamurthy, G. Ravindra Chary and K. P. R. Vittal
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  • Dynamics of phosphorus during composting of sugar and distillery industrial wastes
    G. C. Sathisha and L. Devarajeln
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  • Characterisation and classification of some soils from Shahibi basin in parts of Haryana and Delhi
    T. P. Swarnam, A Velmurugan and Y. S. Rao
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  • Effect of amendments on properties of sodic soil and chemical composition of rice plants
    D.P.S. Diwakar, D.P. Kaur, R.C. Singh and R. Prasad
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  • Need for soil-based fertiJizer recommendations as a precision approach than blanket zonal recommendation - A case study of paddy growing soils of Andhra Pradesh
    L. G. K. Naidu, R. S. Reddy, S. L. Budihal and S. Srinivas
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